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Jenkins Ch. 6-Afterword

I have to say that I enjoyed the end of Jenkins’s Convergence Culture more than I did the first portions. I know I reveal my own personal bias when saying this (and I sound like an elitist, anti-TV jerk), but … Continue reading

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Being a Storyteller in the Age of Narrative Collapse

I am one of those people “living under a rock,” as Jenkins says. I’ve never seen The Matrix , nor did I even know that it had so many cultural/literary referecnes, nor did I know that it was part of a multimedia platform … Continue reading

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The Matrix, Napster, and Harry Potter…Oh My!

Moving right along, in chapter three, Jenkins talks about “transmedia storytelling.” He describes this kind of story as one that “unfolds across multiple media platforms, with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole” (97-98). The … Continue reading

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Separation of Community and Reality

After reading chapter one of “Convergence Culture Where Old and New Media Collide” with the constant question of personal privacy in the back of my mind some of the comments by the “Sucksters” reminded me of Gee and Hayes’ assertion … Continue reading

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“Survivor” and “American Idol”? Really?

Let me preface my blog by stating that I don’t watch television. Although I own a TV, I don’t ever turn it on (except to watch an occasional movie I haven’t seen in a while, another activity I don’t enjoy). … Continue reading

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Passion Affinity Teaching

After reading these chapters I wanted to search for examples of how teachers are incorporating digital media in ways that Gee and Hayes would consider appropriate in regards to participation (“not just consume, but to produce, participate, and share”). (141)  During my search … Continue reading

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Are Passion Affinity Spaces Headed to “Standardized by Experts” Places?

During our group discussion Jessey posed the question, “What do they (Gee and Hayes) mean by ‘crisis of the experts,’ and in what ways is digital media possibly getting us out of it?” It was with this thought in mind … Continue reading

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