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Shirky: Technology-pro or Technology-whoa? Shirky has some extremely interesting points of view to add to our perceptions of technology in his article, “Why Clay Shirky Banned Laptops, Tablets, and Phones from His Classrooms”. Here, Shirky makes a move in his classrooms that may … Continue reading

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Information Gone Wild

Wikipedia provides interesting insight into some concepts discussed by Gee and Hayes’ in regards to knowledge being controlled by a “community of experts” versus being shared by users in “communal” media. Likewise, Shirky explores this topic but in regards to … Continue reading

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Being Proactive and Minimizing Cyberbullying

Supplemental Material Please read the article provided below. Since this article was based on preventing cyberbullying, I thought about the beginning of Here Comes Everybody, (I realize that we have not discussed this book yet in class but I … Continue reading

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The Push and Pull

Supplementary Material In Chapter 6, Jenkins quotes magazine editor Jesse Walker on his belief that old media is not getting replaced by the new media, it is transforming the old media into something more efficient because it needs to be … Continue reading

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