Safer Internet Day

Every year in February, the world observes what has been deemed “Safer Internet Day.” The objection of this day is to promote safer usage of online resources and the technologies available; particularly aiming this movement at the youth of societies. Each year, the organizations (Insafe/INHOPE)  that maintain Safer Internet Day (SID) focus the activities and events around a certain topic reflecting the current apparent issues pertaining to the internet. In February 2016, Safer Internet Day was based around the idea that “we all have a part to play” in making the internet a safer place.

In Kenya, educators are integrating technology into the lives of young Kenyans. These students have curiosities and passion to obtain the skills necessary to navigate technology. This plays into a larger Kenyan plan, called Vision 2030, in which Kenya expects to be self sufficient by the year 2030–each pillar of this manifesto integrating, in some way, the use of technology.

This article touches on the importance of not only obtaining a certain level of digital literacy, but also the importance of having the means to do so. For instance, Kenya sees technology as a major player in the move to self sufficiency. As the article points out, we are all apart of the global internet sphere–or so we think. There are so many societies and cultures not represented on the internet as others are. The global discussion is only occurring between those who have the technology to use and the knowledge to use it.

I don’t believe, however, it is up to the “olds” to teach us, the “youth” how to use the technology more responsibly. We have been born into the technological era; we know how to use the internet in the same way the older generations know how to use a record player. The fact that Kenyan students are participating in youth teaching the youth programs says that someone somewhere else understands this, also. Just like any tool, not everyone will be able to handle it responsibly or use it in the proper ways, but nonetheless, we have faced more consequences resulting from technology than any other generation. Our education, schooling, and even political opportunities have all been impacted by our technologies.

Nevertheless, it is up to everyone to participate in the integration of digital literacy around the world. We can all only learn from each other and our tools. Ultimately that is why we communicate, to learn the best forms of survival. We are entering an era in which understanding of technology will be apart of survival, and we must help each other to reach that level of understanding.

Safer Internet Day: Digital literacy plays crucial role in internet via @dailynation

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  1. I wonder how it will be like 20 years from now.

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