Shirky Ch 3-4

I specifically enjoyed Shirky’s talk about Deci’s experiment. I found the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to be fascinating. As I read through the paragraphs I have to admit I to like to do things for me, things that make me feel good like helping other people, “as labors of love”, and having to do them for any other reason keeps me from having the passion I do when I do things for me and because “I” want to. Not to say I don’t give my all when I am say, writing a paper for class over some poem, but if I am writing on a specific subject I love, then I think I do a better job because I feel a connection to the subject. I think that everyone could agree with that.

Shirky goes on to discuss how the internet can help with scope. Those little groups that use to be hidden, “intrinsic”, are now able to come out of the shadows because of the scope the internet provides. The internet allows groups to form much easier. Shirky uses the story of Etsy and how it offered all its venders help in dealing with the CPSIA testing. The example gives us proof of how big the internet can be, and one good way it can help. The internet help group people together that share the same interests, no matter where they are located. The internet allows for us to “converse with, learn from, or show off for” all the fellow internet peeps we share an interest with that we would not have had access too before.

Sharing our interests with each other on the web allows for us to take our interests to new heights. Everyone pooling their resources together allows for us to grow as individuals through sharing on the web. Having a group collaboration “can spark a feedback loop in which autonomy and competence improve as well” states Shirky. Belonging to a group that improves as it grows keeps it growing, makes members want to join and spread the group’s findings.

The Ultimatum Game shows that we are all social beings and that we crave that social interaction. It also showed we will go out of our way to try and make things right, make sure wrongdoing is set right. Shirky makes it clear that pooling is “one of the great new opportunities of the age, one that changes the behaviors of the people who take advantage of it”.

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