Facebook as a Communicator

Facebook is often used as a means to check out friends’ photos or comment on each other’s posts. Not only that, facebook is used to connect with friends that are in a different country and can connect via facebook to face chat, call or email one another through messenger. But certain events are not always put on facebook for everyone to see. For instance, a customer can decide which news are displayed for him to read. Rivals or other problems are most likely not going to be discussed because of views and much more. For instance, the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over Mike Brown’s death was not seen in facebook like other news would have been. Hence, this illustrates that people decide what to voice out to the public or to make the issue important. Unfortunately, this showed that although facebook is a great communicator, it wasn’t used for this situation due to racism and views toward the African American community.  This is where some people fail to show some concern or make it an awareness that problems among this community still occur due to mistreatment and racism. Note that I am not saying that the officer shot Brown because he was a racist, I am saying that the situation wasn’t illustrate it on facebook like other big events that occur. Here is a man who shares my perspective-link is available under. Indeed, this cite allows us to communicate and stay in touch with the people we love. But also chose what is being discussed and shown on facebook.




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